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Research Projects

Exploring Boundaries, Advancing Knowledge.

UBD promotes academic freedom among its faculty members and students to engage in research, scholarship or other work in order to advance knowledge and foster innovation. The rights to academic freedom include the right to choose research topics, methods and collaborators. Nonetheless, such rights carry with them duties and responsibilities to society, including promoting ethical research practices and avoiding research misconduct.

Research Title Principle Investigator (PI) PI email
A Blockchain-based Model for Preventing Cybersecurity Attacks on Data-driven Software Applications Dr Abdullahi Abubakar Imam
A Comparative Study of Film-Induced Tourism in Romania and Southeast Countries Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Dr Yong Liu
A continuous microalgae-immobilized technology for agricultural wastewater treatment for sustainable development Dr Rosnah Abdullah
A History of Sufism in Muslim Southeast Asia (with special reference to groups that adhere to the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah [adherents of the Sunnah and the community] Prof Dr Khairudin Aljunied
A new serious game for promoting healthy eating habits among children Dr Noreena Liu Yi-Chin
A Pan-Genome Study of Durians from Brunei Darussalam and Singapore Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad
A Strength-Based Approach (SBA) to Community-Led Tourism in Brunei Dr Shirley Chin Wei Lee
A Study on the factors influencin co-production in public services and its impact on public value: From the perspectives of service provider (employees) and service users (clients) Dr Wardah Azimah binti Haji Sumardi
Amplification-free CRISPR/Cas diagnostics of small molecules using multiple recognition receptors AP Dr Minhaz Uddin Ahmed
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Social Capitals and Institutions on Conflicts: International Evidence Dr Ly Slesman @ Sulaiman
An Investigation of Learner Opinions on the Use of Innovative Digital Learning- Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning Dr Atika Qazi
Analysis and Modelling of Water Quality Data Of Brunei River Dr Daphne Lai Teck Ching
Analysis of propolis extracts of Lophotrigona canifrons and Tetrigona melanoleuca stingless bees found in Brunei Darussalam Dr Hussein bin Haji Taha
Application of Metagenomics to Aquaculture in Southeast Asia Professor Dr Takaomi Arai
Assessing public health intervention strategies using a synthetic but realistic population model for Brunei Darussalam Dr Chaw Li Ling
Biological Activities of Selected Medicinal Plants from UBD Botanical Research Centre (UBD BRC) Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad
Biomass Treatment Using Hydrothermal System for Sustainable Energy Application Dr Rosnah Abdullah
Biomimetic chemistry-driven sample-in-answer-out biosensors for the detection of food and serum biomarkers using traditional and machine learning models AP Dr Minhaz Uddin Ahmed
BK Channel a Potential Prognostic Marker and Therapeutic Target for Cancer AP Dr Lie Chen
Brunei Gastrointertinal Network (BGIN) to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes: mRNA Splicing and Immunogenicity in Colorectal Cancer Dr Muhammad Hazim Haji Abdul Ghani
Building a Corpus of Brunei English (CoBE) Dr Salbrina binti Hj Sharbawi
Cerita Lisan Brunei – Brunei Folk Stories Dr. Maslin bin Haji Jukim/Jukin
Characterisation and Assessment of Local Rice Varieties in Brunei Darussalam Dr Mohammad Sabri bin Mohd Ali
Characterizing and Forecasting the Performance of Floating Solar Systems with Different PV Technologies under Bruneian Environment Dr Veena Raj
Colorectal Cancer (CRC) risk reduction and early detection using epidemiological, artificial intelligence (AI) modelling and digital technology Dr Nik Ani Afiqah binti Haji Mohamad Tuah
Comparative Analyses of Throttling-Sublimation and Quenching-Evaporation-Convection Based Mechanisms of Cryogenic Cooling with Varying Lengths of Injection in Machining of Titanium  Dr Asif Iqbal
Complexation of thiosemicarbazones with lead(II), cadmium(II) and various transition metals and their applications Dr Natasha Keasberry
Computer-aided synthesis design towards 8? electrocyclization of conjugated octatetraenes AP Dr Nadeem Sadiq Sheikh
Consumers’ Intention to Use Green Logistics for Food Delivery Service in Brunei Darussalam Dr Mohamed Syazwan bin Ab Talib
Contemporary Muslim Religious Experiences: Struggle, Degradation and Awakening Dr Nur Amali Aminnuddin
Corruption and Illegality in Asian Investment Arbitration Dr Nobumichi Teramura
Creating a committed workforce in Brunei’s service organisations: The role of organizational factors, job satisfactions and job involvement  AP Dr Md Zahidul Islam
Defense against Adversarial Attacks on Deep Convolutional neural Networks Dr Nagendar Aneja
Designing porous catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to C2+ hydrocarbon Dr Hasliza Bahruji
Determinants of Subjective Financial Well‑Being Across Different Household Income Groups in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia Dr Sazali Zainal Abidin
Determinants of tree diversity and community composition in three contrasting lowland forest types in Brunei Darussalam AP Dr Rahayu Sukmaria Hj Sukri
Development of Absorbent Structures for CO2 Capture Application Dr Hong Wan Yun
Development of Bioinspired Digital Technologies Professor Dr C. De Silva Liyanage
Development of CRISPR-Cas-Driven nucleic acid diagnostic platform for Halal and Tayyib food analysis AP Dr Minhaz Uddin Ahmed
Development of Hydrogen-based Biosensors for the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers Dr Noor Faizah Mohd Naim
Development of Nanoemulsion Mouthwash for patients with advanced cancer Dr Rajan Rajabalaya
Development of Novel Technologies for Implant Surface Decontamination Dr Jagjit Singh Dhaliwal
Development of optimized biochar for use in Brunei’s agriculture Dr Quentin Cheok
Development of sustainable, intelligent and smart nanostructures and nanotechnologies for environment, biological and optoelectronics monitoring and devices AP Dr Mohammad Mansoob Khan
Development of Vertical Greenery Systems for Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficient Buildings Dr Juliana Zaini
Deviant Behaviour Experiences of Contemporary Muslim Women Dr Nur Amali Aminnuddin
Digital Manufacturing of Intricate Parts using Additive-Subtractive Hybrid Processing of Exotic Alloys in Done-in-One Configuration Dr Asif Iqbal
Disease prediction in rice through metagenomics and computational modelling Dr Pooja Shivanand
Diversity, population structure and life history in commercially important fishes in Brunei Darussalam and adjacent waters Professor Dr Takaomi Arai
Ecological Conditions and Climate Reconstruction During the Late Neogene to Recent Period. A Multidiscplinary Study on Sediment Samples Recovered from Boreholes in the Brunei Bay in Brunei Darussalam Dr Nurul Amajida binti Haji Roslim
Efficacy of Religious Measures, Customer Emotion and Motivation in Contemporary Marketing Contexts Dr Nazlida binti Muhamad
Electric batteries and critical materials: a geopolitical analysis AP Dr Bruno Jetin
Employability skills of agri-food and tourism sectors in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Case for Brunei Darussalam Dr Siti Fatimahwati Pehin Dato Hj Musa
Engineered biochar as modifier of carbon paste electrode for quantitative determination of heavy metal Dr Muhammad Raziq Rahimi Kooh bin Abdullah
Exploratory Study of Elderly Financial Sustainability in Brunei Darussalam Dr Pang Li Li
Exploring Brunei’s Halal Industry: A Focus on Education and Training, Sustainable Production and Marketing Strategies of the Halal Brand Pg Dr Siti Rozaidah binti Pg Haji Idris
Exploring Cyber Hygiene behaviour of Bruneian MSME Employees Dr Nazlida binti Muhamad
Exploring Employee Ambidexterity in Innovation-Efficiency Paradox: A Human Resource Management Perspective AP Dr Md Zahidul Islam
Exploring opportunities to sustain yield and nutritional quality of food crops in Brunei Darussalam under changing climate Dr Najeeb Ullah
Exploring the nexus between tourism education and industry practices: A Case study of Brunei Dr Shirley Chin Wei Lee
Fabrication and optimization of air-processed optoelectronic devices AP Dr Piyasiri Ekanayake
Fertile Waters and Sacred Ground: An Analysis of Watershed Control and Spiritual Geography on the Kulen Plateau Dr Lisa Arensen
Genomic study of Brunei Darussalam national flower, Dillenia suffruticosa Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad
Graphene Enhanced Photocatalytic Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production AP Dr Abul Kalam Azad
Groundwater – Surfacewater Interaction in Brunei Darussalam Dr Stefan Herwig Godeke
Harnessing of Solar Energy for Domestic Heating Applications Using Parabolic through Solar Collectors Dr Muhammad Abid
Host Specificity of Dipterocarp ectomycorrhizal associations across soil gradients and age cohorts in Brunei Darussalam Professor Dr Johan Willem Frederik Slik
How will climate change affect the biomass and tree species composition of Brunei’s forests Professor Dr Johan Willem Frederik Slik
Hydrogen Storage into the Structure of Metal Borohydride
Dr Haji Abdul Hanif Dato Paduka Haji Mahadi
Hydrogeochemistry, Acidic Property and Its Role in Ocean Acidification of Submarine Groundwater Discharge at Pantai Tungku, Brunei Darussalam Dr Stefan Herwig Godeke
Identifying and predicting the spatiotemporal patterns and mapping of tree species in Brunei forest using remote sensing techniques Dr Owais Ahmed Malik
Implementation of electrospray technology for the development of corrosion
inhibitive coatings
Dr Kamran Ali
In Vivo Study on the Biological Activities of Litsea Elliptica Blume Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad
Influencing Positive Financial through Financial Behaviors Literacy Campaigns Dr Wardah Hakimah binti Haji Sumardi
Intelligent wearable anti-sprain system to prevent ankle sprain injury Dr Hazwani Suhaimi
Interfacial Devices for Solar and Mechanical Energy Harvesting Dr Mohd Khairul Zarifi bin Hj Masri
Investigating Anti-Cancer Potential of Novel Aloe-Emodin derived 1,2,3-Triazoles and Aniline based Analogues by Inhibiting P13k pathway Dk Hajah Dr Nurolaini binti Pg Haji Muhd Kifli
Investigating disruptive technologies and innovations for port and shipping ecosystem in achieving supply chain resilience: the context of Brunei Darussalam Dr Quazi Mohammed Habibus Sakalayen
Investigation of BK Chnnel as a Potential Prognostic Biomaker and Therapeutic Target for Breast Cancer AP Dr Lie Chen
Investigation of regional gingers through genomic profiling Dr Hajah Norhayati binti Haji Ahmad
Investigation the Impact of COVID-19 During the Endemic Phase on Educators’ Teaching and Learning Practices and Well being in Universiti Brunei Darussalam Dr Marlizayati binti Johari
Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHS) risks reduction using epidemiolgical, arificial intelligence (AI) modelling and digital technology Dr Nik Ani Afiqah binti Haji Mohamad Tuah
Leveraging Work Engagement and Organizational Commitment for Enhanced Open Innovation Outcomes: the Role of Empowering Leadership AP Dr Mohammad Muzamil Naqshbandi
Linking innovative performance with organizational citizenship and leadership: examining the roles of employee voice and knowledge hiding AP Dr Mohammad Muzamil Naqshbandi
Literary and Media Representations of Mental health in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia: A Cross-cultural Study Dr Hannah Ho Ming Yit
Living with Landmines: Inhabiting a War-Altered Landscape Dr Lisa Arensen
Local Bruneian Rice Study: Health Impact and Product Development Dr Siti Rohaiza binti Ahmad
Management Practices and Energy Efficiency Dr Yong Soo Keong
Mangrove endophytes – study of plant host interactions, bioactive compounds and their applications Dr Pooja Shivanand
Marine gastropod diversity of Brunei Darussalam: current status and future threats Professor David J. Marshall
Material Development for 4D Printing of Shape Memory Alloys for Deployment in Kinetic Energy Harvesting and Aeronautical Applications (Phase 1) Dr Malik Muhammad Nauman
Money Supply Endigeneity, Bank Profitability and Financial Stability Dr Ahmad Lutfi bin Abdul Razak
Monitoring System for Bee-Colonies Pg Dr Emeroylariffion Pg Abas
MyCareer : An Intelligent Online Portal for Matching Satisfactory Jobs and Suitable Candidates Dr Abdullahi Abubakar Imam
Myth versus scientific evidence: effectiveness of selected local Bruneian medicinal plants acting as supplement to control diabetes Dr Siti Rohaiza binti Ahmad
Natural History and Herbarium Collections as Inspiration for Technology Professor Dr Ulmar Grafe
Neutraceutical properties of Phaleri macrocarpa and Clinacanthus nutans sub-critical extracts to prevent insulin resistance and fatty liver formation Dr Mei Ann Lim
Nickel Based Catalyst for Green Hydrogen Production through Water Splitting Electrocatalysis Dr Haji Abdul Hanif Dato Paduka Haji Mahadi
Nutrients cycling as drivers of tree species composition in two lowland heath forests in Brunei Darussalam AP Dr Rahayu Sukmaria Hj Sukri
Operando FTIR analysia for CO2 hydrogenation Dr Hasliza Bahruji
Parental Motivations in Sending their Non-Chinese Children to Study at Chinese Schools: A Case Study of Brunei Darussalam Dr Hannah Ho Ming Yit
Plant biodiversity and conservation of Brunei-Muara district Professor Dr Johan Willem Frederik Slik
Population dynamics and human-crocodile conflict surrounding saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus) in Brunei Darussalam Dr. Jessica Comley
Prediction of Air Quality and Occurance of Haze in Brunei Darussalam Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Dr Hong Wan Yun
Predictive potential of graphical descriptors for QSPR/QSAR model learning of compounds Dr Sakander Hayat
Proxy-Terms based Query Obfuscation using HPC Infrastructure for Private Web Search Dr Shariq Bashir
Public Policy’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Dr Muhammad Anshari bin Ali
Rare earth Metal Oxides and Rare Earth Metal Oxide-Based Heterostructures for Biological Applications AP Dr Mohammad Mansoob Khan
Reproductive biology and stock assessment of commercially important fish species in Brunei Darussalam in relation to eco-climatic factors: Suggesting a sustainable policy for management and conservation Professor Dr Takaomi Arai
Rooting for Hoya: Understanding the physiological and biochemical changes associated with the survival and growth of stem cuttings Dr Faizah binti Haji Metali
STEM Education: Teachers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Readiness Dr Hjh Hardimah binti Haji Mohd Said
Supply and install of an autoclave machine, ultra-low freezer and two units of automated voltage regulator AP Dr Minhaz Uddin Ahmed
Sustainable Future of Kampong Ayer in an era of Climate Change Dk Dr Noor Hasharina Binti Pg Hj Hassan
Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance in the Brunei Halal Food Sector Dr Mohamed Syazwan bin Ab Talib
Synthesis, Characterization, Bioactivity and Preliminary Corrosion Inhabition Effects of Azines, Pyrazoles and their Related Compounds AP Dr Malai Haniti Sheikh Abdul Hamid
Targeted Inhibition of 5 α-ReductaseType 2 Mediated Synthesis of DHT as a Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer Dr Sheikh Shafqat
Terahertz Technology for Homeland Security and Defense Dr Feroza Begum
The anticancer effects of Cosmos caudatus extracts and in combination with Resveratrol in human colorectal cancer cell lines Dr Goh Poh Hui
The Brunei Breast Cancer Genome Atlas AP Dr Mas Rina Wati binti Hj Abdul Hamid
The Ecological Role of Biodiversity in Tropical Agroecosystems : The Functional Role of Frogs Professor Dr Ulmar Grafe
The Economic Consequences of Climate Change: Evidence from the Trade and Tourism Sector Dr Mohammad Hadi Hazwan bin Hj Haini
The Evaluation and Analysis of SDG Practices, Reporting: Comparative Analysis of GLCs in Malaysia and Brunei Dr Mohd Hairul Azrin Hj Besar
The impact of gut microbiome on COVID-19 vaccine immunogenicity in the Bruneian population Dr Shirley Lee Huan Fang
The in vitro and in vivo Effect of Local Standardized Morus alba L. Extracts (Daun Penawar Teratau or Krakatau) as Potential Adjunct for Kidney Stones Dk Hajah Dr Nurolaini binti Pg Haji Muhd Kifli
The Interplay between Language and Religion: Exploring the Links and Changing Patterns Dr Salbrina binti Hj Sharbawi
The Interplay between Language and Religion: Exploring the Links and Changing Patterns Dr Nur Amali Aminnuddin
The Last 10,000 Years: Unravelling the Holocene Geological and Ecologocal History of brunei Darussalam by Decodong Peatlands Professor Dr Basilios Tsikouras
The Post-Covid World Population, Economy and International Affairs AP Dr AKM Ahsan Ullah
The Right to Be Counted: The Urban Poor and the Politics of Resettlement in Delhi Dr Sanjeev Kumar Routray
The Rivers of Tropical Asia in the Age of Anthropocene: Ecology, Economy, Governance and Global Significance (RTA) Dr Khondker Iftekhar Iqbal
The Synthesis of Nanoscale Hydroxyapatite from Natural Clamshell using Optimized Sonochemical Method for Biomedical and Bone Tissue Regeneration Application Dr Hazwani Suhaimi
Use of Social media in reshaping business performance measurement system Dr Fairul Rizal bin Hj Rashid
Valorisation of marine biomass: Characterisation of waste seaweeds and evaluation of their potential as high value-added products Dr Faizah binti Haji Metali
Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation for Industrial Control Systems Protocols and Standards Dr Ali Tufail
Within Borneo, Beyond Borneo: Issues, Perspectives, Insights AP Dr Bruno Jetin
Work from home among academicians in Public Higher Education Institutions in Brunei and Malaysia: A work design perspective Dr Wardah Azimah binti Haji Sumardi