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Enhancing Quantity and Quality: UBD's Collaboration with Enago to Elevate Research Publications

In the pursuit of academic excellence, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) has taken significant steps to elevate the quantity and quality of its research papers. One of the key partners in this endeavor is Enago, a renowned name in academic publishing support. Recently, UBD hosted a webinar where Ms. Nicole Aryna, a representative from Enago, provided valuable guidelines on crafting high-quality research papers and unveiled the extensive range of services that Enago offers to aid young researchers at UBD.

Mapping the Academic Publishing Landscape

Nicole Aryna began her presentation by offering insights into the ever-evolving academic publishing landscape. She emphasized the importance of publishing research in reputable journals and the impact it has on a researcher’s career and the academic community. Nicole noted that UBD is a major contributor to the research publications in Brunei, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the nation’s presence on the global research stage.

 A noteworthy statistic she shared was that approximately 75.23% of UBD’s research publications involve international collaborations, highlighting the university’s commitment to global knowledge exchange. Moreover, Brunei has experienced a remarkable 21-fold increase in citable documents published since 1996, underscoring the growing significance of research in the country.

Enago’s Role in Empowering UBD Researchers

Nicole Aryna then elaborated on how Enago can assist young researchers at UBD in their research journey. Enago’s services encompass a comprehensive suite of support, including training, manuscript plagiarism checking, and assistance in addressing reviewer’s comments. These services are invaluable in ensuring the quality and integrity of research papers.

 Additionally, Enago provides scientific editing and formatting services, enhancing the overall presentation and readability of research papers. Their author education services offer guidance and training to researchers, helping them develop essential skills for effective academic writing. UBD researchers have the advantage of accessing these services at a discounted price, making it more accessible to budding scholars.

Exploring the Enago Platform for UBD Researchers

As the webinar concluded, Ms. Nicole Aryna guided UBD researchers through the Enago website for UBD authors (, highlighting its user-friendly features and the seamless process of availing Enago’s services. This practical demonstration left participants equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the most of Enago’s offerings.

Interactive Q&A Session

The webinar included an interactive Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on various aspects of academic publishing and Enago’s services. This engagement fostered a sense of collaboration and allowed participants to gain deeper insights into their specific concerns.

In sum, UBD’s collaboration with Enago represents a significant stride towards improving the quantity and quality of research publications. The guidance provided by Ms. Nicole Aryna and the extensive range of Enago’s services empower UBD researchers to enhance their academic contributions and further elevate Brunei’s presence on the global research stage. With this partnership, UBD is poised to continue its journey of academic excellence and research impact.

The webinar slides can be downloaded here.