Office of Assistant Vice-Chancellor Research (OAVCR)

UBD Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainability Master Plan Development

The Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor Research, UBD organized a series of Stakeholder Engagement sessions in March and April 2024 as part of its effort to develop the UBD Sustainability Master Plan. Led by Dr Hj Abdul Hanif bin Dato Paduka Hj Mahadi, Assistant Vice Chancellor Research, these sessions were attended by UBD management, academics and non – academic staff as well as students.

UBD sustainability Master Plan is a strategic plan or framework that outlines the goals, strategies, and actions to be taken by the university to promote sustainability and address environmental, social, and economic challenges on campus. These initiatives aim to benefit the campus and the broader community and UBD’s focus is to empower the next generation of leaders with knowledge and values to address global challenges and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

The objectives of the sessions were to present the Sustainability Master Plan, providing an overview of the current plan for UBD and highlighting key goals and initiatives. Valuable insights, suggestions, and feedback from stakeholders regarding the existing sustainability plan and potential areas for improvement were also sought. The sessions aimed to identify and prioritize sustainability focus areas based on stakeholder feedback, providing a roadmap for refining the master plan. Additionally, the sessions sought to increase awareness, understanding, and commitment from stakeholders towards UBD’s sustainability initiatives. Clear action items and a plan for follow-up were also expected to ensure that the gathered feedback translated into tangible improvements in the Sustainability Master Plan.

The upcoming Stakeholder Engagement Sessions, scheduled for May, will broaden the participation to include UBD alumni and partners, such as NGOs, community leaders, and representatives from ministries. UBD’s commitment to sustainability and collaborative planning is highlighted through these engagement sessions. The involvement of the entire university community in the planning process is deemed essential for the successful implementation of sustainability efforts. OAVCR anticipates valuable contributions and insights from stakeholders as they collaborate to develop a comprehensive and forward-thinking Sustainability Master Plan for UBD.