Office of Assistant Vice-Chancellor Research (OAVCR)

Sustainability Leadership Workshop: Integrating Purpose and Impact

The Office of Assistant Vice Chancellor Research, UBD organized a Sustainability Leadership Workshop on February 6th and 7th, aimed at empowering participants to develop a robust sustainability blueprint for the institution. The workshop was led by Associate Professor Noraziah Abdul Wahab, Director of the University Sustainability Centre (USC) at UNIMAS. The two-day workshop attended by UBD staff and members of Brunei SDG unit, provided participants with valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of sustainability.

The workshop on Sustainability Leadership encompassed a comprehensive exploration of integrating sustainability principles into organizational strategies and operations. It began by examining global trends and challenges, emphasizing the need to address environmental and social impacts while aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through discussions on sustainable business strategies, participants delved into embedding sustainability across academic programs, adopting eco-friendly campus operations, promoting research for sustainability challenges, fostering community engagement, and enhancing diversity and inclusion within organizational culture.

The workshop unpacked the Lestari Canvas framework and emphasized the Triple Bottom Line Business Canvas as a framework for assessing and enhancing organizational sustainability across economic, social, and ecological dimensions. Participants explored key partnerships, activities, value propositions, customer relationships, and channels, along with resource allocation strategies to support sustainability initiatives. Additionally, attention was given to social impact missions, community relationships, ecosystem services, and governance structures aimed at ensuring alignment with sustainability goals. From purpose-driven organizational principles to sustainable mindsets and skill sets, the workshop emphasized the importance of holistic approaches to sustainability leadership.

Participants also gained insights into sustainability competencies and practical steps to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into organizational strategy. Through discussions on integrated reporting, the workshop highlighted the significance of transparently communicating social and environmental impacts, leveraging standards like ESG and the Global Reporting Initiative. Ultimately, the workshop fostered a deeper understanding of sustainability as a core organizational value, driving purpose-driven decision-making and fostering collaboration towards a more sustainable future.

By equipping participants with the necessary tools and insights, the workshop further aims to foster key leaders capable of driving positive change in their respective organizations and communities. The Sustainability Leadership Workshop underscores UBD’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and sustainable future.